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  1. On your host, Install lldb (Available from Parrot OS' sources)
    sudo apt-get install lldb
  2. On your phone, download the binaries from GitHub - wstclzy2010/iOS-debugserver: including iOS10/iOS12/iOS13/iOS14 debugserver. The binaries from the previous repo are signed with the correct entitlements.
    git clone
  3. Copy debugserver to /usr/bin

    cp iOS-debugserver/iOS14-debugserver_arm64 /usr/bin/debugserver

    The debugserver binary needs to be in the /usr/bin directory; otherwise, it will crash on launch.


✔️ Remote Debugging over wifi is very slow, utilize iproxy to debug over USB connection.

  1. On your host, configure iproxy
    sudo iproxy 1234 1234
  2. Inside your iPhone SSH session
    # ✅ Recommended Way 
    # launch server with no process attached
    process connect connect://
    # or Wait for process to spawn
    debugserver --waitfor=DVIA-v2
    # or attach to running process
    debugserver -a DVIA-v2
  3. From your host, inside lldb
    platform select remote-ios
    process connect connect://
    # if launched with no process attached
    process attach --pid 5039


# Show memory map
image dump sections DVIA-v2

# Show disassembly at source address
# Src + offset
dis -s 0x00000001001bd300+0x4138000

# Set breakpoint
br set -a 0x1042f5314

# Show registers
register read

# Write to register
register write x0 0x1

# Break at function call
b ptrace