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Frida Setup


Download Frida-Server

To identify the system architecture, and correct friend version to download, use uname -a inside the mobile device's SSH terminal.

For rootless Jailbreaks,

Download frida_16.0.8_iphoneos-arm.deb from at main ยท miticollo/ ยท GitHub, or Build frida-server binary for rootless Jailbroken devices from scratch.

For more on Frida and rootless Jailbreaks, refer to iOS rootless jailbreak package ยท Issue #2288 ยท frida/frida ยท GitHub.

For rooted Jailbreaks:


  • Transfer package to mobile with scp
  • Inside the iPhone's SSH session, switch to root, and Install the package with dpkg -i frida_16.0.8_iphoneos-arm.deb


On your iPhone


# -D is daemon mode, -l to specify a specific host
frida-server -l -D 

On your testing host The following CLI commands use SSH over the network. This is very slow on iPhones. I recommend using iproxy for connection.

frida-ps -Uai | grep -i <application_name> 

objection -N -d --gadget <application_name> explore 

# attach to process by PID
objection -g 4016 explore