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Technical Writing for Educators - Work in progress

prevent ppl from getting overwhlemed: ur not gonna get everything out of this always can refer original material have them do some pre reading prefix it and set ur expectations get ppl involved get ppl to interact raise interest there is no one way but proven ways. food for thought Make it fun shitting on my reports wo weee lets see how many ways we can do this I'll treat u to a beer Productivity tools emphasis bold Specify the puropose of this talk and all communication amount of time spent on technical writing (1 day out of 5!!!) why they should care what is the role of a consultant???? as u advance ur job is more writing less technical, lol Effeciency as u go up, less questions, less ppl coming back to annoy you. less questions get back to being a hacking warrior in peace it's the only billable item!!! English language -> UK LOL English is my second language btw xDD :) field disadvantage Opening Opening Opening :-> Keep up with me. I am the QA now. Challenge them to identify the issues to a pargraph. if you cannot how do you ever hope to grow and QA? [email protected]