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php -a

Dump variable

var_dump('0xAAAA' == '43690');

Abuse display_errors=on to leak web root directory

A good example of how to leverage the display_errors misconfiguration is by sending a GET request with arrays injected as parameters. This technique, known as Parameter Pollution or Parameter Tampering relies on the fact that most back-end code does not expect arrays as input data.

GET /example/index.php?access=&search[]=test&include=all&filter=Filter
HTTP/1.1Host: target

Dump PHP Variables

  • Create new file dump.php
    <?php var_dump(get_magic_quotes_gpc());?>
  • Curl the output of that file
    curl http://localhost/dump.php

PHP Debugging


XDebug and VS Code Remote Debugging

Learn How to Debug PHP with Xdebug and VsCode How to install Xdebug and use it in PHP on Ubuntu?