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Web Application and API Penetration testing


  • URLs: in-scope and out-of-scope
  • Any pages/functionalities that the client does not want to be tested
  • Application demo
  • Dangerous functionalities or pages they specifically would like tested?
  • Any pages that should not be tampered with?
  • Is the application in development or production?
  • Any sensitive functionality or configuration that could break the application when changed?
  • If it's development, how hard should you go?
  • Any complex workflows? If yes, a demo or workflow diagrams are needed
  • APIs?
  • Has it been tested before?
  • Any new changes? Updates? new functionalities? New code introduces security vulnerabilities
  • Any previous restest reports? any thing they would like retested?


  • VPN required?
  • Azure AD, Local Authentication, or AD accounts needed for login?
  • WAF or other security controls; If yes, ask them to whitelist your IPs

Accounts and roles

  • Different roles available?
  • Admin accounts?
  • Are different accounts of the same role provided? Used to test Horizontal privilege escalation

Architecture and technology

  • Server configuration
    • Language: JS, Java, etc.
    • Framework: Laravel, Ruby on Rails, etc.
    • meta-framework E.g. NextJs, SvelteKit ,etc.
    • Database E.g. firebase, MSSQL, Redis, Mongoose, etc.
  • Underlying infrastructure
    • Proxy servers
    • caching servers
    • CDNs
  • Src code available?
  • Does the application utilize open-source-frameworks, Libraries, or projects on GitHub


  • OpenAPI Specification (Swagger) Files
  • Postman collection or other similar automated testing tools