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Port Scan


# ipv6 port scan
nmap -6

# Host Discovery
nmap -sP

# Nmap Via Proxy Chains, Special flags
# Maybe enable quiet mode 
sudo nmap proxychains -sT -Pn -nĀ  -v

# UDP Top 1000 port scan
nmap -v -oN bastion-top-1000-udp.out -Pn -sU -T5

# Quick and sneaky
nmap -p- -v -oN -Pn -sT -T5

Manual Ping sweep

for i in $(seq 1 254) ;do (ping -c 1 172.27.8.${i} | grep "bytes from" &) ;done

Manual Firewall Enumeration

  • Run wireshark to view traffic
  • use ncat to connect to port
  • Check if firewall is REJECTing the packet or the port is just not listening
  • Connect again to a non listening port
  • Compare the response in both cases to identify if the firewall is dropping the request or if the port is not listening.

For segmentation testing checkout [[Segmentation Testing#Segmentation penetration testing]]