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Jdb cheatsheet

Debug Debuggable Application with JDP

  • Execute command in context of app run-as id
  • Start debug session with jdb
  • Identify PID of last launched process adb jdwp
  • Create Communication channel adb forward tcp:55555 jdwp:16346
  • Start a debug session. for more info check JDB Tutorial - Tutorialspoint jdb -connect com.sun.jdi.SocketAttach:hostname=localhost,port=55555

  • Start jdb in suspended state

    jdb -attach localhost:7777

Jdb commands

  • classes: list all loaded classes
  • class/methods/fields class id: Print details about a class and list its methods and fields
  • locals: print local variables in current stack frame
  • print/dump expr: print information about an object
  • stop in method: set a method breakpoint
  • clear method: remove a method breakpoint
  • set lvalue = expr: assign new value to field/variable/array element
  • suspend: suspends process
  • resume: resumes process