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adb Cheatsheet

General Purpose

Connect to device adb shell

Copy file to device adb push test.txt /data/local/tmp/test.txt

Copy file from device adb pull /sdcard/test.txt .

Install apk from PC adb install C:\AndroidTools\PCAPdroid-v1.2.14-release.apk

Extract package from rooted/non-rooted device

  1. Get adb shell
  2. List packages pm list packages or for third party packages and list their pathes adb shell pm list packages -3 -f
  3. Locate Package pm path
  4. Copy package from device (doesn't run inside adb) adb pull "/data/app/" spotify.apk


Save Logcat output to file adb logcat \> logcat.log Grab logs for specific package from file (App needs to be running) adb logcat | grep "$(adb shell ps | grep | awk '{print $2}')" Grab logs for specific package from file with regex adb logcat -e <expr> | grep "$(adb shell ps | grep | awk '{print $2}')"

Local Backups

  • Generate Local Backup for package adb backup -apk -nosystem com.mwr.example.sieve
  • Convert backup to tar dd if=backup.ab bs=1 skip=24 | python -c "import zlib,sys;sys.stdout.write(zlib.decompress(" > backup.tar

Content Provider

  • Query cotent provider (Inside adb shell) content query --uri content://sg.vp.owasp_mobile.provider.College/students

    • Send intent within devie
      adb shell am start -W -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d "emailapp://composeEmail/[email protected]&message=SEND%20MONEY%20TO%20HERE!&sendImmediately=true"