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Configure WinDBG

Configure Symbols

For Developer Created Binaries

  • Place PDB file where image itself is (VS does this by default)
  • or place in a repo and point debugger to it
    • Goto Settings -> Debugging Settings
    • Add your symbols to Symbol Paths preceded by ;

For WIndows Binaries

  • Connect to Microsoft Symbol Server using the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH enviroment variable
  • Set _NT_SYMBOL_PATH to srv*c:\symbols*

Force Reload Symbols

.reload /f user32.dll

Enable dml

.prefer_dml 1



# list loaded modules

# List threads in process

# Convert Hex to Decimal
? 1ab4

# Convert Decimal to Hex
? 0n6836

# Examine current active thread TEB

# Examine TEB, What windows thinks is most important
!teb 00000066`f1dac000

# Examie struct definition 
dt _teb 

# Examine struct definition with module followed by structure name
dt ntdll!_teb

# Examine Teb Values 
dt ntdll!_teb 00000070`b46ed000

# switch to different thread, thread 0

# Examine PEB

# Exame PEB using DT
dt ntdll!_peb 00000070b46ea000


# Print Call stack

# Print thread 2 Call stack


# Set break point at symbol
bp kernel32!createfilew

# List breakpoint

# disable breakpoint

# clear breakpoint

# continue execution

# examine rcx register
r rcx

# change rcx register value
r rcx=00000000000c033e

# Display with the format of byte
db 00000000000c033e

# display with the format of Unicode
du 0000029f864d84f0

# display with the format of Unicode from register directly
du @rcx

# display with double word format[4 bytes] starting this address
dd 000000b5`6092ea88+28

# display with double word format[4 bytes] starting this address with range 1
dd 000000b5`6092ea88+28 L1